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Day 1

时间 Time 演讲者
Invited speaker
9:00 校长讲话
Greeting from the president of Jinan University
9:05 CNHUPO主席秦钧教授致辞
Welcoming remarks from Professor Jun Qin, Chair of CNHUPO
9:10 专家合影
Photo taking
Section I
Chair: Gilbert Omenn, 秦钧(Jun Qin)
9:15 Gilbert Omenn
University of Michigan
Splice Isoforms as a New Class of Protein Biomarkers in Cancers
9:40 秦钧 Jun Qin
国家蛋白质科学中心 National Center for Protein Science Beijing
A proteomics landscape of diffuse-type gastric cancer
10:05 Young-Ki Paik
Yonsei University
Molecular Signatures of Pancreatic Cancer from Tumorigenesis to Early Diagnosis: The Tumor Suppressor FoxO3 in Pancreas Tissues and Complement Factor B in Plasma
10:30 茶歇 Coffee Break
Section II
Chair: Mark Baker, 杨芃原(Pengyuan Yang)
10:50 Mark Baker
Macquarie University
Proteomic early stage colorectal cancer detection/stratification involves both cancer and immune-related proteins
11:15 杨芃原 Pengyuan Yang
复旦大学 Fudan University
Desuccinylation of PKM2 regulated by Sirt5 and its function in colitis
11:40 张弓 Gong Zhang
暨南大学 Jinan University
Identifying >17000 human proteins in a single mass spec experiment
12:20 午餐 Lunch
Section III
Chair: Maxey Chung, 黄灿华(Canhua Huang)
14:00 Maxey Chung
National University of Singapore
The cancer secretome as a source of biomarkers
14:25 黄灿华 Canhua Huang
四川大学 Sichuan University
Redox proteomics for drug target identification
14:50 刘道然 Andy T. Y. Lau
汕头大学 Shantou University
The Possible Roles of the Zinc transporter ZIP8 and Macrophage Inflammatory Protein-3α in Cadmium-Induced Adaptation and Carcinogenesis
15:15 茶歇 Coffee Break
Section IV
Chair: Edouard Nice, 刘斯奇(Siqi Liu)
15:35 Edouard Nice
Monash University
Faecal Proteomics: Getting to the Bottom of GI Tract Pathologies
11:25 丁琛 Chen Ding
复旦大学 Fudan University
Towards a proteomic platform of data acquisition and analysis for biology
16:25 王通 Tong Wang
暨南大学 Jinan University
Discovery of a new human proteome encoded by the "non-coding" genes
16:50 蒋好 Hao Jiang
Thermo Fisher Scientific
Integrated Data Acquisition and Analysis Strategies for Functional Proteomics based on Crosslinking Mass Spectrometry (XL-MS)
18:00 大会晚宴 Banquet

Day 2

时间 Time 演讲者
Invited speaker
Section V
Chair: 郑利民(Limin Zheng), Terence Poon
9:00 郑利民 Limin Zheng
中山大学 Sun Yat-Sen University
The inflammatory microenvironment in human tumor tissues
9:25 Terence Poon
澳门大学 Macau University
Applications of Proteomics Approaches to Discovery of Biomarkers in Cancer Diagnosis – An Impossible Mission?
9:50 田瑞军 Ruijun Tian
南方科技大学 Southern University of Science and Technology
Proteomics toolbox for profiling cancer signaling
10:15 茶歇 Coffee Break
Section VI
Chair: Robert Qi, 张丽华(Lihua Zhang)
10:35 Robert Qi
香港科技大学 Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Centrosome Separation for Mitotic Spindle Assembly in Health and Cancer
11:00 张丽华 Lihua Zhang
中国科学院大连化学物理研究所 Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
New methods for deep coverage proteome analysis
16:00 刘斯奇 Siqi Liu
中国科学院北京基因组研究所 Beijing Institute of Genomics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Transomics analysis to the mouse model of colorectal cancer
11:50 大会闭幕式 Closing section